Sponsor Parent to Canada for Permanent Residency
Sponsor Parents to Canada

A lot of queries we receive are – “How can I get my Parents over”

We need to understand that Canadian immigration, being migrant focused has several options to choose from:

  • Temp visitor visa
  • Super Visa
  • HNC grounds
  • Parents & Grandparents sponsorship

Now all this can be very confusing. So, where does one start?

Let’s start with the basics.

It’s essential to understand while the best option to Sponsor Parents to canada for Permanent residence is lottery-based, its time-taking, and you have no control over whether you may be invited to apply; not to mention, one must meet the Minimum Income Requirements (MNI) for the preceding 3 years.

Visitor Visa vs Super Visa

A lot of people whether to apply for Visitor Visa or a Super Visa. Our recommendation is if you hold a Permanent Residency or Citizenship (and if you meet the program’s mandatory requirements), then apply for a Super visa.

Let us explain what a Super visa is. Super Visa is a visitor visa (PG-1) specially designed for parents & grandparents that allows them to stay in Canada for up to 2 years status v/s up to 6 months stay authorization for TRV holders.

This Application comes with some mandates:

  • Applicants’ Medical Clearance from an IRCC Panel Physician
  • 1 year of Insurance from a Canadian company for at least $100,000 covering the applicant
  • Inviter’s Low Income Cut Off (LICO) requirement to be met – Minimum income level to sustain yourself and your dependent


Why Super visa?

If you meet the income requirements, you are a PR resident and have the required insurance, and you are in command. A properly vetted Super Visa Application commands the highest success probability (barring any medical/criminality/misrepresentation concerns).

In contrast, when applying for a visitor visa, the onus of granting the Visa lies in the judgment of the Immigration officer. His/ her judgment of your financial viability, assurance that you are going on a temporary visit only, travel history, surety of return to your country of origin, etc. – the balance of probabilities comes into play.

Therefore, if you are applying for parents, Grandparents, or in-laws – a Super Visa is the option to go for.

Why Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) over Super Visa?

There are two reasons when a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) may be a go-to option while applying for parents’ temporary residence in Canada:

  • If the inviter does not meet the Super Visa’s LICO requirements.
  • Any medical condition that could add to the burden of Canadian Healthcare or could cause harm to society could make a person inadmissible to Canada. While Inadmissibility may be on various accounts, the concern is health issues for parents & grandparents.

It is advisable to consult Immigration consultants such as us to know if the medical history of your parents/grandparents can be a concern. You can reach #TeamSAABimmigration at hello@saabimmigration.ca or call +1 (877) 683-7222. Alternatively, you can book your appointment here: calendly.com/saabimmigration

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