Intra Company Transfer Immigration Program

ICP is an employer specific program. Under this program, foreign businesses can transfer eligible employers from their office to their affiliated or parent companies located in Canada. This program exempts the candidate from procuring LMIA (Labor Market Impact assessment). The employees working as executives, senior mangers and functional mangers may qualify for this program.

Intra -Company transfer is determined based on qualifying relationship between the company in Canada and the one abroad.

The transferee who qualifies under this program must be:

  • working with the foreign company on a full-time basis for at least one year. Documents proving the present employment status of the transferee with the foreign company is required.
  • holding employment in any one of the given positions:
  • Employed in the specialized field having detailed knowledge and expertise of the company’s services.
  • Managers performing the essential functions of the business along with directing and supervising other managers.
  • Executives responsible for performing direct management or major functions of the business under general supervision of other executives.

ICP also provides opportunities for the employees of a start-up companies which can exhibit financial ability and development plan in Canada. 

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