PR Card Renewal

The PR cards issued to the permanent residents in Canada, helps them to return back to Canada whenever they travel outside the country.PR Cards come with an expiry date and you need to apply a new one on the expiry of the old one. They can only be renewed in Canada.

You can apply online for: –

  • Initial request for a PR card
  • Renewal of PR card that has already or about to expire
  • Replacement pf a lost, stolen or damaged PR card
  • Updating information on your current PR card.

For Applying PR Card, you must: –

  • Be a permanent resident in Canada
  • Be physically present in Canada
  • Not be citizen of Canada or a registered Indian under the Indian Act
  • Not be under the removal order
  • Not be convicted of an offense

Documents that need to be submitted: –

  • You need to return expired PR card to the PRCC officer when you receive a new one.
  • A copy of your passport or a travel document
  • Others document specified in the documentation checklist
  • Photos based on the specifications mentioned in the Application package.

In order to retrieve their PR status and renew their PR cards the permanent residents should be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days out of five tears. This obligation cannot be overlooked and failure to fulfill residency requirements can lead to loosing of your permanent residency status.

To replace a PR card that is stolen, destroyed, or expired you need to complete form IMM544E along with the submission of the above-mentioned documents.

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