Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Canada and its various education centres are highly reputed around the world. Students from different parts of the world choose to Study in Canada.  This results in a mutual gain. Students acquire knowledge and skills and Canada gains by adding a spending hand to the economy. Canada offers rich diversity along with a welcoming attitude of Canadians. This makes it easier for students to settle in and pursue their studies. Many eventually go on to join the Canadian Job Market.

Many students find working along with their studies lucrative. The earnings often help pay off the various costs associated with the programs. All of these and many more reasons are behind the growth in the numbers of international students coming to Canada each year. According to IRCC in December 2019, more than 640,000 international students enrolled on programs across Canada.

If you are a prospective International Student looking to pursue your higher education in Canada, here are some factors for your consideration:

  1. Pick the right School and Program
  2. Obtaining A Study Permit
  3. Some Information on Student Direct Stream (SDS)*
  4. Studying & Working in Canada


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