Immigrate to Canada Permanently

Permanent Residency in Canada

A permanent resident or a landed immigrant in Canada has special status and can live permanently in Canada. They can live, work and study in Canada for any length of time. They can further apply for Canadian Citizenship on completion of Residency requirements.

Permanent Residency can be acquired in different categories:

Family : Under this class the applicant can apply for permanent residency of a sponsor, partner, parents, dependent children other family members.

Economic : it includes permanent residency based on investment or employment status.

Refugee : H& C residency application, refugee claims and asylum-seekers come under this category.

The economic applications that come under following categories can apply under the Express Entry Program:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • Federal Skilled Trade Worker Category
  • The Canadian Experience Class

Once a person acquires permanent residency status, he is issued a permanent resident card. This card works as a proof of PR status and is required to be carried by the permanent resident while travelling to enter or exit Canada.

The Government reserves the right to revoke a PR card if a person fails to fulfill the residency requirements of residing 2 out of 5 years in Canada.

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