Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

SINP stands for Saskatchewan’s Provincial Nominee Program. This program is one of the pathways to Canadian Permanent Residency.

Through this program, the province of Saskatchewan:

  • Invites applications from the foreign nationals who want to permanently reside in Canada.
  • Nominates successful applicants to the federal government for permanent residency in Canada.

SINP accepts applications under following categories:

  • International Skilled Worker Category
  • Saskatchewan Experience category
  • Entrepreneur and Farm category

Under International Skilled Worker category, the applicant needs to have:

  • skilled job-offer from Saskatchewan employer
  • experience in an in-demand occupation in Saskatchewan
  • already applied in Express Entry poll and have work experience in an in-demand occupation in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Experience category – This category is for those foreign nationals who are already living in Saskatchewan and have been working in Saskatchewan:

  • for at least six months under a valid work permit.
  • as physician, nurse, or other health professionals for at least six months.
  • as hospitality sector worker.
  • and graduated from a recognized post-secondary institute in Saskatchewan.
  • as truck driver experienced in long-haul driving.
  • as a general farmer, nursery worker, or in the agriculture sector.

Entrepreneur category – foreign nationals who want to start or operate a business in Saskatchewan can apply under this category. They will have to fulfill following conditions: –

  • Take active part in managing their business along with their family members.
  • Need to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) to the SINP.
  • Must complete the Points Assessment Grid after submission of the EOI.
  • Demonstrate financial worth of CAD 500,000 inclusive of personal and business assets.
  • Must possess at least three years of relevant business management experience.

Foreign nationals planning to buy, start or operate a farm in Saskatchewan must:

  • Possess relevant farming experience
  • Need to show sufficient funds
  • Should intend to purchase and manage a farm in Saskatchewan.

Following foreign nationals can not apply for SINP: –

  • Refugee claimants claiming Refugee status from the Government of Canada.
  • If the foreign national is not accepted into the Express Entry pool.

Candidates will not be eligible for nomination under SINP, if they

  • Failed to submit documentation required by SINP.
  • Unable to demonstrate their intent of living and working in Saskatchewan
  • Intentionally represented themselves in the application.

Applications that are approved receive a nomination package and must apply to IRCC within six months of nomination. Applications with incomplete documentation will be closed and advised to apply later with complete documents.

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