Inadmissibility is the refusal of entry to a  foreign national into Canada. A foreign national may be rendered inadmissible or denied a visa or refused entry at Port despite having a valid permanent residence card.

A foreign national can be declared  inadmissible by CBSA (Canadian Border & Security Agency)  on the following grounds :

  • Criminal Grounds: If a person has committed an offence in Canada or any other country and is considered a security threat to the Canadian public.
  • If at any point in time the person has been guilty of human or international rights violation.
  • Medical Reasons: If a person is considered a health hazard for the Canadian public or has a health condition that has excessive medical demand of more than $19,965 per year.
  • Failure to comply with Canadian Immigration Law.
  • Misrepresentation to Canadian authorities.

Inadmissibility hearings

All inadmissibility hearings are conducted at the Immigration Division of the Immigration & Refugee Board.

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