Temporary Resident Permit

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

TRP or Temporary Resident Permit is a short-term permit. It is for foreign nationals, technically inadmissible to Canada. Under TRP they can visit the country, provided they demonstrate the compelling need to enter Canada. TRP is for a short period of time. The time duration for which a temporary visa varies from weeks or months, the decision of the same rests with the issuing officer.

If foreign nationals are rendered inadmissible, have a compelling reason to visit Canada, if not considered a threat to society may be issued TRP. They must have a valid reason to travel to Canada.

Temporary Resident Permit applications approval rests with the Canadian Border Service officers. They weigh the risks of a person’s entry vs the benefits it will have on Canadian society. The applicant needs to demonstrate the need for temporary residence in Canada.

TRPs usually define the length of a person’s stay in Canada. Visitors to Canada under TRP need to leave once the duration of the temporary residence expires.

One can apply for a TRP at a Canadian Visa office outside Canada, at a port of entry in an airport or land border crossing between the US and Canada.

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