Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

All the Provinces in Canada have Immigration Programs tailored according to their requirements.

Applicants who intent to make the particular Province their home and can also contribute effectively, to the social and economical growth of the province are eligible under these programs.

After the applicant is nominated by a province, they are issued a nomination certificate that they have to submit with the application to IRCC. The Provincial Nominee Programs expediate the process of obtaining permanent residency.

PNP has various streams targeting Skilled Workers, Semi-Skilled Workers, Investors, Businessmen, and International students.

Quebec has its own selection criteria. The Provincial Program of Quebec is not aligned with Federal Express Entry System. Quebec has its own –Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). QSWP is a point- based selection system in which points are given based on age, job, education, work experience, and language skills. The requirements are quite similar to that of Federal Skilled Worker Program.

The requirements and streams to apply in Provincial Nominee Programs are subject to change and are customised according to changing requirements of the Province.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

The SINP IS Saskatchewan’s Provincial Nominee Program. This program is one of tools towards fulfilling of permanent residency dream in Canada.

Through this program, the province of Saskatchewan:

  • Invites applications from the foreign nationals who want to permanently reside in Canada.

  • Nominates successful applicants to the federal government for permanent residency in Canada.

SINP accepts applications under following categories:

  • International Skilled Worker Category

  • Saskatchewan Experience category

  • Entrepreneur and Farm category

Under International Skilled Worker category, the applicant needs to have:

  • skilled job-offer from Saskatchewan employer

  • experience in an in-demand occupation in Saskatchewan

  • already applied in Express Entry poll and have work experience in an in-demand occupation in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Experience category – This category is for those foreign nationals who are already living in Saskatchewan and have been working in Saskatchewan:

  • for at least six months under a valid work permit.

  • as physician, nurse, or other health professionals for at least six months.

  • as hospitality sector worker.

  • and graduated from a recognized post-secondary institute in Saskatchewan.

  • as truck driver experienced in long-haul driving.

  • as a general farmer, nursery worker, or in the agriculture sector.

Entrepreneur category – foreign nationals who want to start or operate a business in Saskatchewan can apply under this category. They will have to fulfill following conditions: –

  • Take active part in managing their business along with their family members.

  • Need to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) to the SINP.

  • Must complete the Points Assessment Grid after submission of the EOI.

  • Demonstrate financial worth of CAD 500,000 inclusive of personal and business assets.

  • Must possess at least three years of relevant business management experience.

Foreign nationals planning to buy, start or operate a farm in Saskatchewan must:

  • Possess relevant farming experience

  • Need to show sufficient funds

  • Should intend to purchase and manage a farm in Saskatchewan.

Following foreign nationals can not apply for SINP: –

  • Refugee claimants claiming Refugee status from the Government of Canada.

  • If the foreign national is not accepted into the Express Entry pool.

Candidates will not be eligible for nomination under SINP, if they

  • Failed to submit documentation required by SINP.

  • Unable to demonstrate their intent of living and working in Saskatchewan

  • Intentionally represented themselves in the application.

Applications that are approved receive a nomination package and must apply to IRCC within six months of nomination. Applications with incomplete documentation will be closed and advised to apply later with complete documents.

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

AINP is Alberta’s Immigrant Nominee Program. Through this process, eligible foreign nationals with qualifying skills and experience can apply to Alberta Province Nominee certificate.

The AINP has three Immigration streams: –

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream

The eligible foreign national who have a valid temporary resident status in Canada that authorizes them to work in Canada can apply under this steam. The applicant must also meet specific requirements of occupation, education, and work experience.

  • Alberta Express Entry Program

Under AINP, Alberta nominates qualifying candidates from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Express Entry Program. Based on available profile and information in the Express Entry, Alberta may select candidates and send them Notification of Interest letter. But to be eligible to receive a NOI letter an applicant should have:

  • An active Express Entry profile in Federal Express Entry Pool and have a minimum CRS score of 300.

  • Demonstrate an intent to migrate permanently to Alberta.

  • Have been working in an occupation that supports Alberta’s economic development and diversification.

  • ALBERTA Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Foreign nationals who wish to buy and operate a farm in Alberta can apply under this stream.

Eligible candidates must meet the following criteria: –

  • Must demonstrate their farm management skills.

  • Must possess sufficient financial resources

  • Must document their investment plan in a proposed business plan.

Ontario (OINP)

Under OINP, International students, foreign workers and businesspeople demonstrating qualifying skills, experience can apply for permanent residence in Ontario.

There are three ways to qualify for OINP: –

Employer job offer category – foreign workers who already have a permanent job offer from an employee in Ontario.

  • Foreign Worker stream

  • International student stream

  • In demand skills stream

Human capital category

Under this category, foreign nationals who had their education of any eligible Ontario university. Applicants either from Masters Graduate stream or PhD Graduate stream can qualify within two years of completing their graduation.

Ontario’s Express Entry

Candidates who have an online profile in the Express Entry program and invitation to apply from Ontario can apply under this stream:

  • French speaking skilled worker stream

  • Human capital priorities stream

  • Skilled trades stream

Business category

  • The foreign entrepreneurs who wants to buy, start, or grow an existing business in Ontario can apply under this category.

British Columbia

Based on NOC skill level job or international student status, BCPNP offers three ways for foreign nationals to become permanent resident in BC.

Skills immigration – this category uses a points-based system and the applicants need to de skilled or semi-skilled worker in an in-demand occupation in BC. The applicants need to have a job offer from an employer in BC.

International students who are recent graduates from a recognized college or university can also apply under this stream. Depending on the job being offered, they may not need any work experience.

Entry level and semi-skilled worker living and working in BC can also apply under this category.

Foreign nationals with experience in Health care occupation like nurse, physician can also apply.

Express Entry BC

This category expediates migration of eligible skilled workers to BC. No BC work experience is required, but the applicant must also qualify for Federal Economic Immigration Program as well as meet the requirements in the field of education and language.

Entrepreneur immigration

  • Experienced foreign businessmen who want to buy or actively operate a business in BC can apply under this program. They need to demonstrate sufficient personal and investment funds.

  • Foreign companies looking to expand their businesses in bc can also qualify under this program.

New Brunswick

Under New Brunswick work stream, foreign nationals who can contribute to the New Brunswick economy with the skills, education and work experience can apply.

  • Candidate must meet the following eligibility requirement5s:

  • Must have a job offer from an employee in New Brunswick

  • Demonstrate the intent to permanently live and work in Canada

This skilled worker with employer support category has been recently added to NBPNP.

Other streams like Business category, NBPNP Express Entry program, family support system have been temporarily discontinued until further notice.


PEI PNP offers different immigration categories allowing people with their specific eligibility requirements to apply.

PEI Express Entry

It expediates the chances of getting invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence. It has three further subsections

  • Canadian Experience Class

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program

  • Federal skilled Traders program

Critical workers – It is an employer driven program for workers already working in the province with the employer.

International graduates who have graduated from recognized post secondary institutions in the province also qualify under this program.

Skilled workers – This is also an employer driven stream where foreign nationals can be hired to fill the posts which the employers are unable to fill with the local workers.


Foreign immigrants like recent graduates, skilled workers, entrepreneurs who intent to make Manitoba their home can apply under Manitoba PNP(MPNP).

The MPNP for skilled workers: – Under this category, Applicants need to first submit their profile in Express Entry pool. Eligible candidates are invited to apply under MPNP

There are two streams:

  • Skilled workers in Manitoba

  • Skilled workers Overseas

Business Investor Category for the eligible foreign businessmen who wish to start or operate business in Manitoba

There are two pathways:

  • Entrepreneur pathway for those who eish to open or operate a business in Canada

  • The farm investor pathway for those who are looking to establish or operate a farm in Manitoba.

Nova Scotia

Under The NSNP, Potential immigrants who demonstrate the skills and experience targeted by the employment and the economy in Nova Scotia can apply. This program can also expediate the process of getting permanent residency under Express Entry Immigration Program. All applications for this program are made online and are accepted under two main categories: –

Category A: for applicants with a permanent full- time job offer from employer in Nova Scotia.

Category B: for applicants who have qualifying experience in an occupation listed in the occupation list for the province.

Nova Scotia experience Express Entry

Foreign nationals who have work experience or already working in nova scotia can apply under this category

  • Skilled working stream

  • Entrepreneur stream

  • Inter graduate stream

Newfound land and Labrador

Under this program, the province nominates qualifying candidates who wish to obtain permanent residency in the province.

Under NLPNP applicants can apply in the following categories

  • Express Entry skilled worker category

  • Skilled worker category

  • International graduate category

  • International graduate entrepreneur category

  • International entrepreneur

Atlantic Immigration Pilot: employer driven program for international students and skilled workers.


Yukon PNP is a joint immigration program of Yukon Government and IRCC and holds abundant opportunities for skilled and semi-skilled immigrants to immigrate to Yukon.

It has various categories under which an applicant may apply:

  • Express Entry program

  • Skilled worker program

  • Critical impact worker program

  • Business nominee program

  • Yukon Community Pilot

If the applicants wish to apply as permanent resident under YPNP, they need to fulfill the condition of working in an occupation for at least 30 hours per week. An application with a provincial nomination from the Yukon government is allowed to work two or three jobs simultaneously in order to meet that requirement. There is no need for LMIA under this stream.

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