British Columbia PNP

Based on NOC skill level job or international student status, British Columbia PNP (BCPNP) offers three ways for foreign nationals to become permanent residents in BC.

Skills immigration – this category uses a points-based system, which requires the applicants to be de-skilled or semi-skilled workers in an in-demand occupation in BC. The applicants need to have a job offer from an employer in BC.

International students – recent graduates from a recognized college or university can apply under this stream. The pre-requisite of work experience depends on the job.

Entry-level and semi-skilled workers living and working in BC can also apply under this category.

Foreign nationals with experience in Health care occupations like a nurse, the physician can also apply.

British Columbia PNP

Express Entry BC

This category expedites the migration of eligible skilled workers to BC. While BCPNP does not ask for work experience in British Columbia, but it does ask for the applicant to qualify for Federal Economic Immigration Program while meeting the requirements in the field of education and language.

Entrepreneur immigration

  • Experienced foreign businessmen who want to buy or actively operate a business in BC can apply under this program. They need to demonstrate sufficient personal and investment funds.
  • Foreign companies looking to expand their businesses in British Columbia also fall under this program.

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