Prince Edward Island PNP

Prince Edward Island PNP offers different immigration categories allowing people with their specific eligibility requirements to apply.

If you are seeking permanent residency in Prince Edward Island, this is one pathway is to be nominated to the federal government.

Selection of Individuals for nomination based on their intention to live and work in PEI and their economic ability to establish here.

Priority is given to entrepreneurs and to individuals with qualifications to work in areas with identified skill shortages in the PEI labour market.

Prince Edward Island PNP Categories

Express Entry

It helps speed up the chances of getting an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence.
It has three further subsections

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal skilled Traders program

Critical workers – It is an employer-driven program for workers already working in the province with the employer.

International graduates who have graduated from recognized post-secondary institutions in the province also qualify under this program.

Skilled workers – An employer-driven stream where employers hire foreign nationals to fill the posts for which they’re unable to find local workers with the required.

Please note while creating your profile ensure all information provided profile is accurate and verifiable.  If your situation changes before applying, update your profile.  If your situation changes after applying contact the Office with the updated information; this impacts the ultimate decision on your file. You can find additional information on the EOI points grid in the Workforce Application Guide.

Prince Edward Island PNP

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