Obtaining a Study Permit

Obtaining a Study Permit

Obtaining a IRCC Study Permit is essential for all foreign nationals looking to pursue their education in Canada in a post-secondary level program that lasts more than six months. It is usually valid till 90 days after the completion of the study program.

If the course/program finishes before the originally intended date of completion, the study permit stays valid till 9o days after the completion of the course. On the other hand, if the program is extended, then the student has to apply for an extension of the Study Permit.

Before one actually submits a Study Permit application with IRCC, there are some other prerequisites that an applicant must work on and complete in order for the study permit application to go through smoothly.

Letter of Acceptance

Once accepted in a course or program the student receives a Letter of Acceptance issued by a University/College.  The immigration officer will accept this letter only if the issuing institute is a Designated Learning Institute(DLI).One should ensure that the letter of acceptance mentions all details about the Student, the Institute, DLI Number, Type, of course, being pursued, estimated duration of the course, Full-time or Part-time, Course fee, Expiry date for The Letter of Acceptance etc.  When applying to enter Canada for English as a Second Language(ESL) or French as a Second Language(FSL) course which is a prerequisite for another program in Canada then the applicant might be issued a Conditional Letter of Acceptance and is acceptable for gaining the study permit.

Proof of Identity

A valid passport or travel document along with 2 passport size photos is the requirement.  Occasionally there may be a requirement for additional identification.

Proof of Financial Support

Proof of the applicant’s ability to support self and any accompanying family members.
The following documents are acceptable proofs of fund for this purpose:

  • Proof of a Canadian bank account in applicant’s name, and transferred funds
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution
  • Applicant’s bank statements for the preceding 4 months
  • Bank draft convertible to Canadian dollars
  • Fully paid tuition and housing fees with proof of payments
  • Support letter from the person or school funding the education
  • Proof of funding paid from within Canada, if the applicant has received a scholarship from a Canadian-funded educational program
  • Proof of a student or education loan from a bank
The list of Minimum funds required for Obtaining a Study Permit is updated by IRCC from time to time and can be accessed by clicking here.

Obtaining a Study Permit

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