Owner-Operater LMIA

This advertising exempted LMIA category has become one of the most sought-after paths for foreign nationals who desire to start or operate a business in Canada. It is a special class of programs within TFWP which simplifies and accelerates the process of immigration for potential self-employed business investors.

If you are a foreign businessman looking to establish or purchase a business in Canada, you must:

  • Be a sole proprietor and be involved in day to day operations of the business.
  • Be a majority shareholder (holding at least 50.1% shares).
  • Own controlling interest of 50% or more in the business.

In case of more than one owner, the largest shareholder must apply for LMIAs for the other co-owners.

Other Considerations / Requirements: –

  • Have a clear and genuine business plan with the intention to create and retain jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
  • Documents proving that owner operator is actively involved in the business and is really needed in Canada to take overall responsibilities are required.
  • The applicant must occupy the senior most position in the business without being answerable to any superiors.
  • Ensuring that the company has enough financial resources.
  • Procuring licenses and registrations required to operate the business.
  • Identifying or securing the business location.

Once the application is approved under owner operator LMIA stream a work permit is guaranteed (valid for 1 – 2 years).

In most of the cases, the owner applies for a permanent residence through the Federal Skilled Express entry or under the Provincial Nominee Program. The owner operator LMIA program increases the chances of gaining permanent residency through express entry as it improves CRS score by 200 points.

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