Getting a Visa refusal Letter in the mail or an email from Canada Immigration advising refusal to your visa application can be quite devastating. But luckily, you do have a plan of action.

    Based on eligibility, you have three options:

  • Appeal to the Federal Court of Canada
  • Appeal to the Immigration Adjudication Division (IAD)
  • Make a Request for Restoration to the Case Processing Centre (CPC)

Depending on the nature of case and the location where application is being processed you have option to appeal or reapply your case.

In some cases, it is also possible to get it resolved through Government channels.

Whatever the case or reason for refusal is, it is important to act quickly within a certain period after you are notified of the refusal.

Request a Reconsideration

The immigration officer is requested to reevaluate and reconsider the decision. The request can be submitted in the cases which were refused due to incomplete or unclear information.

Submitting A New Application

The reapplication can seek the detail reasons for refusal through an Access To Information And Privacy request (ATIP request). These requests must be processed within 30 days.

The new application must overcome the flaws of the earlier application by correcting and submitting all additional information. Changes in personal situation should also be conveyed when re-applying.

Although, it is a complicated process but we evaluate the reasons for refusal and can help you determine whether an Appeal, Reconsideration or Re-applying will be a suitable option to revoke your refusal.

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