GCMS Notes

Global Case Management System (GCMS) notes give you detailed information about the current status & future processing of your application for Canadian immigration such as application for permanent residency, study and work permit. They are the most accurate way of obtaining records of an application filed, documents received by IRCC and include elaborate notes from the officers reviewing the file at each stage.

GCMS notes

When to apply for:

  • Your visa has been refused.
  • You want to check the status of your visa.
  • You want to know the reasons for refusal before re-applying.
  • Want to validate the documents that your representative submitted.
  • In the event of a delay in Visa application.
  • Have to attend an interview by IRCC.
  • IRCC asks for additional documents from you.
    • You can receive your GCMS notes within 30 days.

GCMS Reports help you to: –

  • Procure detailed information about the progress of your application.
  • Helps you prepare for the upcoming interview with IRCC.
  • Ascertain that IRCC has received your documents.
  • Have a copy of all the submitted documents.
  • Make sure there is no miscommunication.
  • Obtain a detailed analysis of reasons for the refusal of the application.

If your application was refused, generally, we recommend applying for the Officer’s Notes through the GCMS as the first step. Not only does it provide a detailed explanation on why the application was refused, but occasionally, may also shed some light on other underlying reasons.

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GCMS notes | Global Case Management System

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