Free Initial Consultation for Spousal Sponsorship and SOWP applications: Feb 2021 only
spousal applications feb2021
All through Feb 2021 spousal applications and matters related to them, applicants can avail free initial consultation from SAAB Immigration.
Family Reunification has been a cornerstone in Canada’s Immigration Policy.
Canadian Citizens and PRs can sponsor their spouses/partners for Permanent Residence. Certain applicants (from inside Canada) may also be eligible to submit an application for an Open Work Permit while their application for PR is being processed.
Similarly, spouses of International students and Work Permit holders in Canada can apply for a Spouse Open Work Permit allowing them to reunite with their spouses and work with any employer in Canada.
On the first look, the document checklist(s) and the paperwork can seem daunting and a slight overlook in the application may lead to heartbreak.
Our team at #SAABimmigration believes in the adage of #DoItOnceDoItRight and brings over 10 years of combined experience in successful processing Spousal Sponsorship and SOWP applications for our clients from around the world.
Whether you are a first-time applicant or your previous application has been refused, we are offering “No-obligation” and “Free Consultations” in the month of February 2021.
Reach us at +1 (877) 683-SAAB (7222) | 

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