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Looking to get your family together by sponsoring your Spouse? Welcome to our Spousal Applications Blog.

Family Reunification has been one of the strongest pillars of Canadian Immigration. This is the motivation behind the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s  ongoing focus on programs aimed at reuniting families. Spousal Sponsorship is a big component of family reunification which is why Individuals who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) can sponsor their spouses along with their dependent children for a PR status in Canada and Study Permit or Work Permit holders can look to get their spouses along with their dependent children to accompany them to Canada on a work permit.

Eligibility for sponsorship:

  • Opposite Sex Spouses
  • Same-Sex Spouses
  • Common-Law Partners (Living together for at least 12 months without any extended separation, but not legally wedded)
  • Conjugal Partners (Romantically together for at least 12 months,not living together or married due to circumstances outside their control)


COVID-19 Delays:

COVID-19 has caused unavoidable delays in the processing of spousal applications, resulting in applicants waiting for a decision for months. The Canadian Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino, announced the expansion of the Case Processing Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia in March 2021 to help process more family class applications. Additional employees and office space will help pace up work and clear the workloads that have been bottlenecked.  Thereby improving the Spousal Sponsorship Processing times in the weeks and months to follow.

On the first look, the document checklist(s) and the paperwork can seem daunting.  Caution, a slight overlook in the application may lead to heartbreak.

Our team at #SAABimmigration believes in the adage of #DoItOnceDoItRight.  We bring over 10 years of combined experience in successfully processing #SpousalSponsorship and #SOWP applications for our clients from around the world.

A first-time applicant or one battling a refusal reach out to us. Discuss your case with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and get the right advice. We offer a #NoObligation Free Initial Consultation to all our clients.

Reach out to us if your application was refused in the past. Schedule your (free) initial appointment today by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, reach us at +1 (877) 683-7222 (SAAB) or write to us at hello@SAABimmigration.ca

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