Has your Immigration Application been Refused? Read on…
Refusal Application blog

Despair not if your immigration application has been refused. Our refusal applications blog here outlines the options at your disposal to appeal.

Any Immigration-related application can be a daunting task because of the nature of requirements, documents, proofs, evidence, and various forms that need to be filled in. Coupled with that, if a prior attempt by the applicant has been refused by a Visa Officer, the application process can seem even more overwhelming.

According to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), The Canadian Immigration process is supposed to be very objective in nature and all the laws and policies around Canadian Immigration have been very explicitly defined. Nevertheless, the process of an application submission, screening and decision are all handled by humans who work on their interpretation of these laws and policies. The applicants or their Representatives apply based on their understanding of the process/requirements and The Visa officer who screens the application has his/her own understanding of the process/requirements. If the understanding on both ends does not match, chances of failure are high. With Refusals, it is important to find out where a gap in understanding was on the prior attempt before we attempt to submit another application.

An officer might refuse an application if he/she feels that the applicant does not meet the obligations of the IRPA or its regulations. However, a refusal does not mean the end of the road. Upon refusing an application, the processing officer updates complete and accurate case notes in The Global Case Management System (GCMS) and upon reviewing these notes one might be able to find out what went wrong on the prior attempt. Armed with the knowledge, a competent Immigration Consultant must look at addressing the prior refusal first and then submitting a Fresh Application. In certain rare cases, an applicant might even be eligible to appeal the prior refusal before putting in a fresh application.

Whatever course of action one decides to take, it must be taken after thorough analysis of all facts at hand and with due consideration of what went wrong. This is where we come in.

SAAB Immigration Services is a full-service immigration firm with vast expertise in addressing refusal cases. We have a team of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) who have a good understanding of applying for and interpreting The GCMS notes of a prior application. We believe that our understanding of the various Canadian Immigration Programs along with our handling of Refused Applications has helped us get an enviable success rate on such cases.

Our Motto is “Do It Once Do It Right” but having faced failure at the 1st attempt already, it is all the more important that you put your best foot forward on your next attempt, in other words “Do It Right This Time” and ensure that you maximize your chances of success.

Reach out to us if your application was refused in the past. Schedule your (free) initial appointment today by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. You may also reach us at +1 (877) 683-7222 (SAAB) or write to us at hello@SAABimmigration.ca

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