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At SAAB Immigration Services Inc., our team of trained and dedicated Immigration Consultants accredited by CICC (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants) walk you through the diverse and complex path of immigration to Canada. Each case is different; therefore, we tailor a custom roadmap based on our clients’ situation and help them to mitigate all confusion and choose the best path.

Our team is active and responsive on various social media platforms, regularly posting updates on the Canadian Immigration system. Clients can call or Whatsapp us at +1 (877) 683-SAAB (7222), email us at, or meet us online or in person for a detailed consultation.

A dedicated team member is assigned to your file who works rigorously in close contact with you to ensure your application is handled completely and correctly in a timely fashion. This increases the chances of the approval of the file in the first go, thus, saving you time and money.

We deal with all aspects of immigration like helping business immigrants to explore various options to immigrate, filing family sponsorships applications, visitors, students, work permits, permanent residency, citizenship applications, PNP’s, PR cards renewal, refusals, and many more.

Hiring our services from the initial stages of your application ascertains the possible outcome of your applications.


Our Team


Dikshit Soni Founder and Principal Consultant of Saab Immigration
Dikshit Soni B.Sc, MBA, RCIC (R536007), Commissioner of Oaths (Ontario)
Founder and Principal Consultant

Dikshit Soni is the Founder Principal at SAAB Immigration Services Inc. Dikshit possesses 13+ years of corporate experience working in the Sales and Marketing before firmly establishing himself in the field of Immigration and Education Consultancy services vis-à-vis Canadian Immigration since 2013.

Dikshit has been an International Student Recruiter for Canadian “Designated Learning Institutions” and has been a host of several TV shows, Radio shows, and international student recruiter for various events in the Indian subcontinent.

His training in client service complements his work experience in communications, ensuring the clients receive the most up-to-date, helpful advice in the field of immigration.

Dikshit completed his Immigration Practitioner Program from Herzing College, Toronto, Canada, and further holds an MBA degree with a specialization in Marketing from Panjab University, India.


Vikas Joshi Immigration Consultant
Vikas Joshi B.SC, MBA, RCIC (R707093) 
Immigration Consultant

Vikas has more than 14 years of corporate experience across India & Canada. He has been a dedicated Sales & Marketing Professional working with some of the biggest brands in the hospitality, retail & banking sectors. His work in the Service Industry has given him a great work ethic and trained him to provide world class customer service to all clients. He is Self Motivated, Goal Oriented and Ambitious which gives him an edge when it comes to “Getting Things Done”.

Other than his Sales & Marketing background, Vikas has also worked extensively in recruiting, training and managing young talent at multiple organizations and to this day he employees his past experiences to present-day client situations thereby helping him Exceed Client Expectations every time.

Vikas decided to join the immigration sector in order to help others like himself realize their dreams of settling down in Canada. He handles the Marketing & Operational aspects of the business at SAAB Immigration.

Vikas completed his MBA degree from ICFAI University in Gurgaon, India and he recently completed The Accredited Immigration Consultant program from Herzing College, Toronto.

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