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We are accredited

The regulatory body for Immigration Consultants in Canada: ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) is committed to protecting the interest of consumers and this is why any individual who gets licensed by ICCRC is subject to rigorous complaints and discipline process and must follow the Code of Professional Ethics enforced by ICCRC. Our team is also driven by such licensed representative Dikshit Soni (R536007). Being a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) means we have been certified by the Canadian Government to represent you and your interests for all matters pertaining to your Immigration needs. Having the governments’ authorization allows us transparency and up-to-date information on Canadian regulations & applicable laws.

Our Approach

Our approach begins with understanding the client’s situation/needs and then providing advice based on the current Canadian Immigration Laws and a strategy that would suit you the best. Just as no two individuals are alike no two clients are the same. Our personalized approach allows us to develop an effective and efficient plan. We not only will tell you what you need to meet the minimum requirements but also what extra can you do to maximize your chances of success.

We Make Immigration Easy.. (No Really!!)

Immigration work can be tedious and if you are not careful you will find yourself bogged down under bundles of files & your documents. We at SAAB have taken this upon us to make a difference where we can. By investing in tech solutions and taking other required steps we have not only reduced our overall carbon footprint but have also made the process easier and convenient for you.

Effective Use of Technology

The integration of technologies into our work process enables us to communicate with our clients through various communication devices and that goes for the smallest to the most complex of interactions. From providing consultation over a video chat to providing multiple means to clients to safely process payments, we at SAAB Immigration have made it a point that we make optimum use of all technological resources. Needless to say the software we use also ensure that the client’s personal information is kept confidential using data encryption & out of reach of the wrong hands.

We strive to imbibe the virtues of Integrity, Transparency, Responsibility

Being regulated by a government body ensures that we maintain clear fees and charges. We are aware of what this process entails and at what stage how much a client is required to pay. This is why we ensure you have complete clarity on the fees and charges. We ensure you are advised on these in writing in a timely manner and you are not shocked with any hidden fee at any point in the process.

We value your FEEDBACK

Most importantly, we at SAAB Immigration always strive for earning your trust through our commitment to Honesty & Hard Work. Having undergone this process of relocating to Canada we understand the many issues and roadblocks one may face and what can be done to overcome these. Feel free to share any qualms you may have and help our representative help you better. After all, a positive word of mouth from you could mean more clients for us. You can leave us public feedback, review on Google and Facebook.



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